Hellebores White Single and Speckled – Seeds for sale

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Hellebores – bliss in bleakest days


Beautiful white single speckled hellebores seeds for sale!

Single white speckled hellebores – Lovely speckles on pure white petals:

A close-up to appreciate its beauty

Here one with seed pods

Hellebores are a worthy investment

Hellebores are perennial, generally trouble-free and low-maintenance. Every winter, they will reliably come up to cheer you up in what could be the bleakest or coldest winter days.

To bring out the best in hellebores, I personally would plant them somewhere sunny, warm but protected. South facing or west facing would not do them much harm. Moist, but well drained soil enables hellebores to do well.

Water them well in dry seasons and top up with bonemeal. Before flowering, remove all the big leaves so that sunshine can access the crown. This will help to produce more flowers as well as prevent a virus attacking the plant.

Treasure Trove of Hellebores
White single speckled beauty
Washbabies sideveiew
Washbabies: Flowering on 28 January 2016
Photos simply cannot capture the exquisite details
Double speckled, simply gorgeous


These seeds for WHITE, SINGLE AND SPECKLED hellebores are newly harvested – in fact, 20th May. Hellebores are easy to grow and generally disease-free. It makes very little demand on you once you have the seedlings. Instruction will be sent upon despatch.



Fact sheet
Common names Christmas Rose, Lantern Rose
Family Ranunculaceae
Genus Herbaceous perennials.
Foliage Green
Sun light Partial shade, dappled shade, but also do well in full sun
Soil Rich, well-drained
pH 7.0 – Slightly acidic, often seen with Rhododandrons.
Exposure Dappled shade, but also do well in sunny border
Instructions Level: easy
International European Union only. Legal: Please check with your customs that you can import this item. Onus is on buyer!
Postage For the EU: £.80 extra. Every item will be sent with a proof of posting. Rest assured.

Useful facts to remember!

How my Dicentra, Iris, cistus, osteospermum and poppies stir after the great slumber…

Flowers in bloom

How my plants stir to life…
and Welsh poppies steal the show!

The weather in April was diabolical. It was so cold and I had so many trays of seedlings that I felt totally overwhelmed. As my conservatory had been very hot, the seedlings were smothered with aphids, wilting as well as showing dark-green algae. Not a pretty sight.

Welsh poppies – vibrancy par excellence..

For the first time, both my orange and yellow poppies are BOTH in bloom. One early morning, I was studiously watering my garden and it as early 6 in the morning. At the corner of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of yellow and saw this.

I have a small amount of YELLOW poppies seeds for sale. Should you be interested, please email me
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Suddenly, My dainty dicentra caught me by surprise!

I have had this dicentra for a long time. It comes up and says hello every single year. Dainty and the pink is just enchanting!

Dicentra is perennial and it is a lovely constance in my garden. It does not require much maintenance and its foliage is distinctively unique, as you can see!

Every spring, you will be greeted by these strings of pearly delights.
And here are the seed pods..
seed pod.jpg

I will have Dicentra seeds for sale. Should you be interested, please email me to register your interest.
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Blue Bearded Iris

Another lovely perennial is the blue bearded irises. Here it is, visited by a good friend, a ladybird!


Here they are – a gang of them sunbathing on my raised bed

I will have some iris rhizomes for sale. Should you be interested, please email me to register your interest.
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If you live in Essex, like me, it is definitely worth your while investing in an osteospermum. It can withstand drought and love heat. Low maintenance and yet every year it would display its beautiful bloom in earnest! What is there not to love!?

Unknown flower

Have no idea the name of this flower (or weed). It has a massive root network and whilst it is beautiful when it flowers, it turns to straw-like mess …


Cistus has always had a special place in my heart. The little dainty pristine white colour is just out of this world. This year I have 3 plants smothered with pearly whites all screaming for attention!

Cistus × purpureus

Another favorite of mine! I have it on the west-facing front lawn where it is baked. This year saw an abundance of flowers. What a nice way to come home to!

Should you be interested in acquiring any of the above, please do not hesitate to email me
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